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Taxidermy so natural you'd think it's still alive!

Taxidermy so natural you'd think it's still alive!

Taxidermy so natural you'd think it's still alive!Taxidermy so natural you'd think it's still alive!

North American Trophy Mounts

Some shoulder mounts can be modified or ordered as a wall/floor pedestal. This adds an additional $100-$200 depending on the work and materials required.

Open, slack jaw/huffing mouths are an additional $150-$375 depending on species.

Naturally Wild Taxidermy specializes in custom habitat bases. We are happy to offer free consultations in designing your custom habitat base for your pedestal mounts, half-lifesize, or life-size mounts.

Detachable antlers/Pinned antlers vary from $100 (Deer) up to $400 (Moose).

For any other questions or custom quotes contact us!

African Trophy Mounts

Customers are required to secure their own taxidermy broker and arrange for exporting/importing. We can help provide recommendations if needed. 

Taxidermy Wall Art is a new way to display your African Trophy Mounts! Contact Naturally Wild Taxidermy for more information. 

Pedestal Mounts are available for most African mounts. Generally price is 20% more than shoulder mounts. 

Some Half-Lifesize options are available. All mounts can be turned into half-lifesize if needed at an additional cost.

If forms require alterations, customers will be billed per hour for cost of labor.

For any species not listed please contact us for a quote. 

Exotic Trophy Mounts

Most exotic hunts are 1-4 days and can take place year round. The weather can be very seasonable and for this reason it is important to do the following: If possible call Naturally Wild Taxidermy before you leave for your hunt to make drop off arrangements, Try not to leave the animal in direct sunlight, clean and butcher as soon as possible. Get the animal cooled quickly, in a freezer or ice chest immediately. Lastly, try not to get excessive blood or water on the cape. Remember, how you care for your trophy directly affects your mount!

Pedestal and half-lifesize also available on some mounts. Call us for a custom quote. 

Fish Replicas (No longer offering skin mounts)

Our fish reproductions are made from the most advanced forms in the industry. Tooled with the precision of master craftsmen, they are painted with true artistic perspective. Working with natural light, the colors of the specimens are duplicated to exact detail. We advise our clients on lighting, types of woods or display ideas that will enhance your office or home.

Bird Mounts


Antler/Horn Mounts

Skull caps and/or horn sheaths are cleaned and sanitized to prevent any future deterioration due to bug infestation or grease leaking.  Skull caps are attached to a custom fitted plaque. Customer is able to chose from Oak or Walnut. Custom plaques available at an extra cost.  Skull caps are covered with a grade A suede (leather grade is prime with no imperfections). Customers are able to chose from leather swatches in stock. Custom coverings are available at extra cost.

European "Skull" Mounts

We maintain a colony of dermestid beetles year round! Beetle cleaning preserves the delicate cartilage inside the nasal cavity which is lost through simmering/boiling processes. Beetle cleaning is the most natural form of skull cleaning. Price includes degreasing and whitening. *Note* For Elk, Caribou, Moose, and any other animals that may have signs of maggot infestation skulls will NOT be beetle cleaned due to risk to the dermestid colony.  

Plaque choices are typically walnut or oak however, any custom plaque can be ordered for an additional cost. 

If you have a specific idea in mind Naturally Wild Taxidermy will work with you to design your custom mount. An exact quote will be given before any work is started. 

Other services offered

Customers are required to sign our contact prior to Naturally Wild Taxidermy coming into your home or trophy room for any installation, or design work.

Terms of Service

All licenses, tags, and identification must be resented at the time of check-in. 50% minimum deposit required prior to commencement of work. It is the responsibility of the customer to understand that is a mount is not paid for in full and picked up within 30 days of being notified of competition, it becomes the property of Naturally Wild Taxidermy and any deposits will be forfeited. There will be a $10 per day charge for mounts not picked up after 30 days of notification. Trophies are subject to sale after 90 days of notification. The customer must understand the estimated competition dates are tentative and subject to seasonal demand and other factors. 

Naturally Wild Taxidermy, and its owners or employees, will NOT be held responsible for loss or damage of specimens or other circumstances or acts of God that is beyond our control. Checks returned for any reason will result in a $100 returned check fee. Naturally Wild Taxidermy reserves the right to retain full possession of all work until checks for final balance clears for payment. NO work will be released from the studio until the balance is paid in full- NO exceptions! No cancellations after commencement of work permitted. 

Customers are required to sign our contract stating that the specimen checked in is taken legally, in compliance with state and federal game laws. Naturally Wild Taxidermy accepts NO responsibility for the legality of harvest of the specimen(s) checked into our studio. Customers must understand that due to factors beyond the taxidermist's control, such as improper field care, all tanning whether done in house or otherwise, is done at the specimen owner's risk.